Facebook Customer Service Describing the Significance of Facebook Lite


Facebook Customer Service Describing the Significance of Facebook Lite

Saying Facebook Lite as a worthy replacement for Facebook is not an exaggeration but a simplistic truth. Facebook Lite was introduced in the year 2015 for Android phones to support emerging markets. Currently, when the number of mobile phone users is exceeding drastically, no one can deny the inevitable importance of Facebook Lite these days. For any kind of help or detailed information, you can avail Facebook Customer Service through a simple phone call.

Now, lets! Have a glimpse of some featured benefits of FB lite over Facebook Normal App.

Facebook lite comes with APK with size even smaller than 1MB; therefore it can be easily downloaded within seconds even on slow connections.

A Basic Fact Telling Significance of Facebook Lite:

More than 95 percent of people all across the world are using 2G networks. There are still some places where FB users are struggling for 3G or 4G broadband networks. So, Facebook Lite is a boon for such situations as people even with least network conditions can access their profiles very efficiently.

Objectives Behind Introduction Of Lite:

  • Always keep Constraints of APK size within limit of 1 MB.
  • Design structure which can assist effective client-server interaction on 2G networks.
  • App should be compatible with the 2009 year class devices based on earlier versions of Android.

Meet our customer support team at Facebook Customer Service Number, if you want to have a better understanding of this topic. Along with this, you can fetch some magnificent deals which will surely enhance your Facebook experience, especially on Android phones.

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