Facebook Marketplace Not Showing Up Items

Facebook Marketplace Not Showing Up Items

Facebook Marketplace Not Showing Up Items

Facebook Marketplace is the platform from where one can buy and sell the products. Facebook launched the marketplace in 2012 but at that time it is not utilized by the in a significant manner, that’s why Facebook added some advanced features to the marketplace and now this platform is used in an extensive manner. When the new updates on Facebook Marketplace were launched then peoples are facing the issues as on few devices the marketplace was not working and on a few  Facebook Marketplace Not Showing Up items. But now the marketplace is working g in a good manner but some issues related to it are still fronted by the users.

How To Resolve the Facebook Marketplace Not Showing Up Items Issues?

There are numerous issues occurs on Facebook Marketplace among many issues the Facebook Marketplace Not Showing Items are the major issues. This issue can be easily resolved by the individuals and to fix it just take the following measures.

Update App

If you are confronting the Facebook marketplace not showing items issue then first assure that your marketplace is up-to-date as to when the app is not updated then also this issue occurs and moreover the processing of the app also slows down so it is advised to update app on time. If in case your app is updated and then to you are confronting the issue then restart your device once.

Check Connection

If the icon of the marketplace not showing on Facebook then there is no need to take tension as sometimes it happens when the Facebook page not loaded in a good manner and when the internet connection issue is there. You can resolve this issue by reloading the page and do assure that your internet is working in a proper manner. Sometimes internet speed gets slower on your device when you don’t sit in the internet connection zone so always try to be in the range of the connectivity.

Logout Facebook

In case your marketplace is up to date and your internet is also working in a good manner and then to you are confronting the problems than just simply first logout your Facebook account and then after that restart your device and again login the Facebook by entering the email address or phone number and password and then again check that whether the issue is resolved or not.
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