Why My Facebook Messenger Is Not Working?


Why My Facebook Messenger Is Not Working?

Facebook is a platform where users can do a lot of interesting activities like making friends, posting images, updating job profiles, creating Facebook Page, messaging via Facebook Messanger, etc. Before using any social media platform users check the facility and functionality of messaging and then after that users start using that site. We all know that Facebook provides the various features in messengers that’s why user recommends Facebook, but sometimes users face the issues related to the Facebook Messager and then they seek for the help by searching Why My Facebook Messenger Is Not Working? topic online, if in case you are also having the same question then just fo through the blog as this can help you in knowing about the Facebook Messenger Not Working issues.

How To Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working Issue?

  1. If you will not use the latest version of the Messanger then you can confront the messenger not working problems. If in case your app is up-to-date to the latest point then it may be possible that the app is not responding on your device.
  2.  Sometimes when a user uses the unofficial app or link then also he/she faces the same problem.
  3. This issue also occurs when your app does not get sufficient storage space to work properly on your device and to fix this type of issue you need to delete the unwanted files, images, etc.
  4. Sometimes when the internet connection issue is there or when your device did not recognize the wifi or unable to access the internet then also users’ Fb messenger app stops working.
  5. If the app is not installed or downloaded properly then messenger not working issue occurs. To fix the same you need to reinstall the app but before doing so you need to delete the previous application from the device.
  6. When cache cookies and history gets overload then also app stops working or starts working slow. In order to fix the same user should timely delete the cache cookies and history.
  7. When malware or other virus is available on your device then usually the user device stop working and along with the device, the app also stops working. To resolve this problem users need to first download the antivirus app as that can only prevent your phone app by destroying or removing the viruses from your phone.
  8. Sometimes few phone or device not support the app then also this issues occurs in order to check this visit the setting section and do check the same.
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