How To Add Chrome Extensions?


How To Add Chrome Extensions?

The Chrome Extension is a small application and from the Chrome Extensions store, you can add Extensions. If you want to add Chrome Extension then follow the steps given below. By adding the extension you can make shortcuts and this will save your searching time. We add extension because it does not take soo much space in comparison to app or software. After adding any extension you should once scan the virus availability as it may be possible that virus affects your system. Any application and software consume a lot of space and the internet that’s why we do not prefer to download it.  If in case you are facing issues while adding the chrome Extension then feel free to call at our Chrome Browser Support Service.

Steps For Adding Chrome Extensions

At first search Chrome Extensions on the web browser.

Thereafter, from the search page click on the Chrome Web Store – Extensions link.


Thereafter, the Chrome store will open from there select the option which you want likewise if you want to add Google Translate extension then click over that.


Then copy the URL of the search box.

After that open in a new tab, search the Chrome extension downloader and then click on the Chrome Extension Downloader: Start link.

Thereafter, the extension downloader will open. From that page in – Insert the web store URL of the extension or just the extension ID box paste the copied URL.

Then after that click on the Download extension button.

On clicking the button your Google extension will get Download.

If you are facing a problem while adding and downloading the extensions and app, respectively then you can contact to our Chrome Browser Support Service. You can call or message at our Chrome Browser Support service at any time as we are 24/87 available to assist you.

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