How To Fix Hp Printer Error?


How To Fix Hp Printer Error?

Hp Printer is one of the best printers as many peoples use it in their offices and home. It is a machine it works fastly but as all the machines also have some error issues. Now you might have a question that error which type of error? From this blog, you can read about the Hp printer error.

Fix Hp Printer Error

Error Code 02

When driver and printer problems then the Error 02 shows and some due to hardware problem this error also occur. By turning the printer off you can resolve this problem.

Error Code 10

This error is also known by the name of “Supplies Memory Error”. This error code indicates that the toner cartridge chip is having some issue or not working properly. You can solve this problem by resetting the printer and by reinstalling the toner cartridge.

Error Code 11

When in the printer papers are not there then this error shows. Apply the paper in the printer and get rid of this error.

Error Code 12

When the cartridge is not properly installed then error shows. Reinstall the cartridge properly for solving this bug.

Error Code 13

When a paper jam occurs then this error display on the screen. While resolving this issue be careful as if you will remove the paper in a harsh way then it may create other printer problems so gently remove the paper. If in case, a paper jam is deep inside the printer then use vacuum at a slow speed and if then too you are unable to remove it then call at Hp Printer Customer Service Number as they will help you in resolving the problem.

Error Code 16

This error indicates that your toner level is low or empty.

Error Code 22

When printer and computer are not connecting properly then this error generally shows. You can resolve this problem by connecting the printer and computer through the cable.

Error Code 24

When you sent too many commands to the printer then this error display on the screen.

Error Code 30.1

This error indicates that your hard disk has crashed and by pressing the select button of printer you can resolve the problem.

Error Code 57.xx

When one or more than one Hp printer fan gets failed then this error displays. You can resolve this problem by availing our Hp Printer Customer Support.

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