How To Make Google Homepage?


How To Make Google Homepage?

Google is a very famous search engine. This search engine so popular that the individual created the alternate name of it know by the name of “Google Baba”. Google is not only the search engine as it also offers various kinds of service to make the difficult human life easier some of the features of Google are Gmail, Drive, YouTube, Instagram,  Google Doc, Calendar, Classroom, and many more. If you repeatedly search for doing the searches then don’t waste your time just create Google as your homepage and save your time and directly make searches from the homepage. Oops!!! don’t know “How To Make Google Homepage” then just follow the directions provided on the blog and easily create a homepage.

5 Simple Steps To Make Google Homepage

  • First of all, open your device and then open your search browser from there simply click on the three “vertical dot icon” The icon will be available on the top right corner of the computer/laptop screen.

Setting icon

  • On clicking the icon you will be able to view the option on the dropdown box from there simply click on the “Settings” option.


  • On the setting page, you will be able to see the On startup section from there select the “Open a specific page or set of pages” option.

google homepage setting

google url

  • After entering the URL click on the “Ok” tab. On clicking the button Google homepage will get created.

Now you don’t have to search again and again and you will be able to use the specific features of Google.


The steps provided in the blog will for sure guide you and will help you in making the Google homepage. By creating a Google as your homepage one can easily bookmark the pages and can manage the whole task starting from mailing to creating a file on Google doc and sheet. By using Google one can even also share the sheet with numerous people and even can perform the tasks on a single page and by doing this one can also monitor the work of the employees.

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